Somatostatin Receptor 2 Positive Control

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Somatostatin Receptor 2 Positive Control


Western Blot Positive Control Somatostatin receptor type 2 / SSTR2 Antibody

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The concentration of the sample is empirically set so that 20 µl per lane in Western and blotted with corresponding affinity purified antibody will give a clean band with a high signal to noise ratio on the gel.


Western Blot Positive Control


-20⁰C for long term storage



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Receptor for somatostatin-14 and -28. This receptor is coupled via pertussis toxin sensitive G proteins to inhibition of adenylyl cyclase. In addition it stimulates phosphotyrosine phosphatase and PLC via pertussis toxin insensitive as well as sensitive G proteins. Inhibits calcium entry by suppressing voltage-dependent calcium channels. Acts as the functionally dominant somatostatin receptor in pancreatic alpha- and beta-cells where it mediates the inhibitory effect of somatostatin-14 on hormone secretion. Inhibits cell growth through enhancement of MAPK1 and MAPK2 phosphorylation and subsequent up-regulation of CDKN1B.

Molecular Function

G protein-coupled receptor activity Source: GO_Central

neuropeptide binding Source: GO_Central

PDZ domain binding Source: UniProtKB

peptide binding Source: GO_Central

somatostatin receptor activity

Subcellular Location

Cell membrane, Cytoplasm, Membrane


Expressed in both pancreatic alpha- and beta-cells (at protein level). Expressed at higher levels in the pancreas than other somatostatin receptors. Also expressed in the cerebrum and kidney and, in lesser amounts, in the jejunum, colon and liver. In the


Transmembrane, Transmembrane helix

Alternative Nomenclature

Somatostatin receptor type 2 antibody

SRIF-1 antibody

SS-2-R antibody

SS2R antibody

SST2 antibody

SSTR2 antibody

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Somatostatin Receptor 2 Antibody Somatostatin Receptor 2 Antibody
SSTR2-101AP $265.00 *
Somatostatin Receptor 2 Antibody BIOTIN Somatostatin Receptor 2 Antibody BIOTIN
SSTR2-BIOTIN $350.00 *
Somatostatin Receptor 2 Antibody FITC Somatostatin Receptor 2 Antibody FITC
SSTR2-FITC $350.00 *
Somatostatin Receptor 2 Blocking Peptide Somatostatin Receptor 2 Blocking Peptide
P-SSTR2 $145.00 *
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