NET-101AP Publications

Fabgennix Norepinephrine Antibody has been used in 2 Publications


Clements, John D., and Fakhreddin Jamali. "Norepinephrine Transporter is Involved in Down-Regulation of β1-Adrenergic Receptors Caused by Adjuvant Arthritis." Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 12.3 (2009): 337-345. PMID20067708



Western Blot; Rat


Wersinger, Christophe, Alexis Jeannotte, and Anita Sidhu. "Attenuation Of The Norepinephrine Transporter Activity And Trafficking Via Interactions With Α-Synuclein." European Journal Of Neuroscience 24.11 (2006): 3141-3152.  PMID17156375



Immunoprecipitation, Western Blot; Human



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