PAC-601AP Publications

Fabgennix ADCY6 Antibody has been used in 7 Publications


Kwon, Ronald Y. et al. “Primary Cilium-Dependent Mechanosensing Is Mediated by Adenylyl Cyclase 6 and Cyclic AMP in Bone Cells.” The FASEB Journal 24.8 (2010): 2859–2868. PMC2909282



Confocal Microscopy, Immunofluorescence, Western Blot; Human


Desch, Michael, et al. "PPARγ-dependent regulation of adenylate cyclase 6 amplifies the stimulatory effect of camp on renin gene expression." Molecular Endocrinology 24.11 (2010): 2139-2151.PMID20861226



Western Blot; Mouse


Bazhin, Alexandr V., et al. "Distinct metabolism of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in regulatory and helper CD4+ T cells." Molecular immunology 47.4 (2010): 678-684. PMID19939455




Western Blot; Mouse


Masyuk, Anatoliy I. et al. “Cholangiocyte Primary Cilia Are Chemosensory Organelles That Detect Biliary Nucleotides via P2Y12 Purinergic Receptors.”American Journal of Physiology - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology295.4 (2008): G725–G734.   PMC2575915



Confocal Microscopy, Immunofluorescence; Rat


Masyuk, Anatoliy I. et al. “Cholangiocyte Cilia Detect Changes in Luminal Fluid Flow and Transmit Them into Intracellular Ca2+ and cAMP Signaling Gastroenterology 131.3 (2006): 911–920.  PMC1866168



Confocal Microscopy, Immunofluorescence; Rat


Grünberger, Christian, et al. "The Calcium Paradoxon of Renin Release Calcium Suppresses Renin Exocytosis by Inhibition of Calcium-Dependent Adenylate Cyclases AC5 and AC6." Circulation research 99.11 (2006): 1197-1206.





Western Blot; Rat


Kolachala, Vasantha, et al. "Interferon-γ down-regulates adenosine 2b receptor-mediated signaling and short circuit current in the intestinal epithelia by inhibiting the expression of adenylate cyclase." Journal of Biological Chemistry 280.6 (2005): 4048-4057. PMID15550390




Western Blot; Human



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