E2F1 Antibody

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from on 12/17/2020
Western blot preformed with human cell lysate (HeLa cell extracts). Reduced denaturing 10% SDS page tris glycine). Blocked for 1 hour with 5% milk. 1/500 primary antibody dilution for 16 hours in 5% milk in TNT buffer.

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Product Note Status Price
E2F1 Antibody FITC E2F1 Antibody FITC
E2F1n-FITC $375.00 *
E2F1 Antibody BIOTIN E2F1 Antibody BIOTIN
E2F1n-BIOTIN $375.00 *
E2F1 Blocking Peptide E2F1 Blocking Peptide
P-E2F1n $155.00 *
E2F1 Positive Control E2F1 Positive Control
PC-E2F1 $200.00 *
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