PBMC Isolation Kit | Camelid Family

PBMC Isolation Kit | Camelid Family

Product no.: FGI-PBMC1930






Camelid PBMC isolation KitTM


Camelid Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) isolation kit is a ready-to-use kit containing sterile dilution buffers, density mediums and density cushions for the isolation of PBMC cells from whole blood of various camel family members including Llama, Alpaca.





150 mL

PBMC Dilution Buffer

250 mL

RBC Lysis Buffer

50 mL

PBMC separation tubes with medium grit frit

10 tubes


Differences in cell density are exploited to separate granulocytes and erythrocytes from peripheral

blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). The most common technique for separating PBMCs is to mix blood

with a compound which aggregates the erythrocytes, thereby increasing their sedimentation rate. The

active ingredients in the SepOBuffer™ are sodium diatrizoate and polysaccharide with osmolality

290 +15 mOsm/L and density of 1.077 +0.001 g/ml.  The polysaccharide in SepOBuffer™ enhances

erythrocyte aggregation increasing erythrocyte sedimentation during centrifugation. PBMCs with lower

densities remain in the plasma SepOBuffer™ interface and can be collected from the upper part of the

tube when the erythrocytes have settled. The PBMCs from whole blood can be reliably and rapidly

isolated in pure form using SepOBuffer™.


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