Adenylate cyclase 1 Blocking Peptide

Product no.: P-PAC1

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Adenylate Cyclase 1 Peptide

Verified Applications

Immunodepletion, Immunocompetition

Peptide Description

Synthetic peptide corresponding to conserved sequence at or near C terminal end of protein that is unique to rat/mouse Adenylyl Cyclase 1 protein.

Accession #

GenBank: AAC29478 

Physical Properties





250 µg


100 µl


Antigenic Blocking Peptide


-20C for long term storage

Application Protocol

Competition/Depletion assay

Refer to competition assay protocol



Uniprot #




This is a calmodulin-sensitive adenylyl cyclase. May be involved in regulatory processes in the central nervous system. It may play a role in memory acquisition and learning. Plays a role in the regulation of the circadian rhythm of daytime contrast sensitivity probably by modulating the rhythmic synthesis of cyclic AMP in the retina

Molecular Function

ATP-binding, Calmodulin-binding, Magnesium, Metal-binding, Nucleotide-binding

Subcellular Location

Membrane; Multi-pass membrane protein. Cytoplasm


Expressed throughout inner ear development.


Belongs to the adenylyl cyclase class-4/guanylyl cyclase family.

Contains 2 guanylate cyclase domains.

Alternative Nomenclature

3'5' cyclic AMP synthetase antibody

ADCY1 antibody

adenyl cyclase antibody

Adenylate cyclase 1 antibody

ATP pyrophosphate lyase antibody

Brain adenylate cyclase 1 antibody

Ca(2+)/calmodulin activated adenylyl cyclase antibody

EC antibody


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Product Note Status Price
Adenylate cyclase 1 Antibody Adenylate cyclase 1 Antibody
PAC-101AP $295.00 *
Adenylate cyclase 1 Antibody FITC Adenylate cyclase 1 Antibody FITC
PAC1-FITC $350.00 *
Adenylate cyclase 1 Antibody BIOTIN Adenylate cyclase 1 Antibody BIOTIN
PAC1-BIOTIN $350.00 *
Adenylate cyclase 1 Positive Control Adenylate cyclase 1 Positive Control
PC-PAC1 $185.00 *
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