Robo3 Blocking Peptide

Product no.: P-RIG1

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Robo3 Peptide


Antigenic Blocking Peptide Homer protein homolog 1 Antibody

Verified Applications

Immunodepletion, Immunocompetition

Peptide Description

Synthetic Peptide

Physical Properties





250 µg


100 µl


Antigenic Blocking Peptide


-20C for long term storage

Application Protocol

Competition/Depletion assay

Refer to competition assay protocol



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ostsynaptic density scaffolding protein. Binds and cross-links cytoplasmic regions of GRM1, GRM5, ITPR1, DNM3, RYR1, RYR2, SHANK1 and SHANK3. By physically linking GRM1 and GRM5 with ER-associated ITPR1 receptors, it aids the coupling of surface receptors to intracellular calcium release.

Molecular Function

G-protein coupled glutamate receptor binding, identical protein binding, receptor binding

Subcellular Location

Cytoplasm, Cell junction


Highly expressed in cortex, Purkinje cells of the cerebellum, hippocampus, striatum and olfactory bulb. Isoform 1and isoform 3 are expressed in skeletal and cardiac muscle.


Interacts with GRM1, GRM5, ITPR1, DNM3, RYR1, RYR2, SHANK1 and SHANK3. Interacts with IFT57 and OPHN1. Isoform 1 and isoform 2 encode coiled-coil structures that mediate homo- and heteromultimerization.

Alternative Nomenclature

HGPPS antibody

HGPS antibody

RB inhibiting gene 1 antibody

Rbig1 antibody

Retinoblastoma inhibiting gene 1 antibody

Rig1 antibody

Roundabout axon guidance receptor homolog 3 antibody

Roundabout like protein 3 antibody


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Product Note Status Price
Robo3 Antibody Robo3 Antibody
RIG1-101AP $285.00 *
Robo3 Antibody FITC Robo3 Antibody FITC
RIG1-FITC $375.00 *
Robo3 Antibody BIOTIN Robo3 Antibody BIOTIN
RIG1-BIOTIN $375.00 *
Robo3 Positive Control Robo3 Positive Control
PC-RIG1 $200.00 *
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