Human Lactoferrin Antibody

Product no.: HLAC-101AP

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from on 01/04/2021
Immunohistochemistry (formalin/PFA-fixed paraffin- embedded sections). Human tonsil and intestine tissue sections. Formaldehyde fixed. Enzymatic (proteinase K) fixed for 5 minutes at 37C. 1/150 primary antibody dilution for 20 minutes with Dako diluent.

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Product Note Status Price
Human Lactoferrin Antibody FITC Human Lactoferrin Antibody FITC
HLAC-FITC $375.00 *
Human Lactoferrin Antibody BIOTIN Human Lactoferrin Antibody BIOTIN
HLAC-BIOTIN $375.00 *
Human Lactoferrin Positive Control Human Lactoferrin Positive Control
PC-HLAC $200.00 *
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