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FabGennix has developed several well-published kits and reagents to aid you in protein characterization.  The innovation in these tools is a by product from years of optimizing our own procedures.  Refer to our protocols for using these solutions, as well as other recomendations to keep your research moving forward. 

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Product no.: FGI-1989

StripOBufferTM is a specially formulated water based buffer that will strip antibodies from antigens.

2 Publications

$150.00 *
Product no.: FGI-1943

SolOBufferTM Cell Lysis Kit--uses non-denaturing detergents to prepare cell lysates for biological assays. 

7 Publications

$175.00 *
Product no.: HRP-1060


Anti-Chicken IgY HRP




Chicken IgY whole molecule Heavy & Light Chain

$150.00 *
Product no.: HIL2-E96.1

Human IL-2 ELISA Kit High Sensitivity

Colorimetric Sandwhich ELISA

Reactive with Human

$495.00 *
Product no.: FGI-1963

DiluOBufferTM Dilution Buffer--used for diluting primary or secondary antibodies for use in ELISA, immunohistochemistry, western blotting and other applications where antibodies are used in low concentrations. 

7 Publications

$200.00 *
Product no.: FGI-1920B
$155.00 *
Product no.: FGI-PBMC1930

Camelid Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) isolation kitfor isolation of PBMC from whole blood of Camelid family members

$375.00 *
Product no.: PDEase-100

PDEase Kit - Phosphodiesterase Activity Assay
Used for activity measurement of Phosphodiesterases
9 Publications

$425.00 *
Product no.: FGI-1933

Reversible Protein Stain for Nitrocellulose Membrane and or charged membranes.

$150.00 *
Product no.: IGY-1910

Product: A kit design for quick isolation and purification of IgY from chicken eggs. How to purify IgY out of chicken egg yolks. This kit is for 10 egg yolks.

$265.00 *